Youth and the Biosphere

WildPacificTrailYouth are the future of the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve. Their relationships with this place are special and, combined with a solid education, our children will be prepared to guide us. They will become the leaders and decision-makers determining the path of conservation, sustainable development, quality of life and the preservation of valuable traditional beliefs.

Our Youth and the Biosphere program is linked to UNESCO’s mandate in the area of education. From formal education programs delivered within schools to informal learning delivered beyond four walls for students of all ages, our educational programs have increased understanding about the places in which we live.

Fostering the relationship between our youth and this special place was the driving force between creating the Youth and the Biosphere initiative. In addition to annual scholarships delivered in partnership with Genus Capital Management, the CBT participates in projects that help young people gain greater insight into their connection to the diversity and uniqueness of Clayoquot Sound.

Recent Youth and the Biosphere projects include:

  • In 2015 youth (13-17 years) from Ucluelet Secondary School joined our grants advisory committees and participated in the grants decision making process ensuring their voices were heard.
  • Developing Sustainability Studies 11/12 curriculum (approved by SD #70) to provide a framework for learning about local issues such as food security, sustainable development, ecosystem-based management and civic engagement;
  • Coordinating  Generation Y-Not, a program which helps foster leadership skills and opportunities for youth within the biosphere reserve region and helps connect  youth to each other and to find meaningful ways to participate in their communities;
  • Creation of the “What I Learned About My Biosphere” program, which supports local schools so they can get students outside to experience the biosphere reserve first hand;
  • Seek ongoing support for the USS Kayaking 11/12 course that provides students with locally-relevant training and certification to become a sea kayak guide;
  • Support for a biosphere reserve-wide consultation on youth services and youth planning, a gap analysis with youth service workers and a regional youth forum.

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Faye Missar
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