General Funding Guidelines

As a community foundation, the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust (CBT) provides funding for many of the education, conservation, cultural and scientific projects that take place in the region. If you have a project idea and are seeking financial support, this page is for you.

Funding Guidelines

Who we fund…
The Clayoquot Biosphere Trust is a federally-registered charity. This status comes with stringent guidelines as to how we can distribute funds to organizations and communities. Canada Revenue Agency determines the types of organizations – known as “qualified donees” – that can receive funding from a federally-registered charity.

These include, but are not limited to:
• registered charities,
• municipalities in Canada,
• First Nations or other public body performing a function of government*,
• educational institutions, and
• the Government of Canada or a provincial or territorial government.

The complete information is available on Canada Revenue Agency’s website. Local sports teams and individuals, for example, do not meet the eligibility requirements under Canada Revenue Agency legislation.
*Please note that as of January 1, 2014, if your organization is not a registered charity, it must be formally recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as a “public body performing the function of government.” Please see the CRA website for more information.

The CBT is not able to provide funding to ineligible groups via a flow-through arrangement with qualified donees.

If you have a project that you believe meets the mandate of the CBT and are not an eligible organization, please contact the office to discuss your project.

Please contact CBT staff if you have any questions about project funding.

Projects are evaluated using the following criteria:
• locally-based proponents and activities,
• matching resources (money and/or in-kind contributions),
• respect for local protocols,
• development of local capacity,
• communication of results locally,
• relation to the CBT’s core priorities of Youth in the Biosphere and Healthy Communities, and
• support for the spirit and intent of the Biosphere Reserve designation.

We do not fund:
• capital acquisitions (e.g., computers, office furniture, lumber, etc.),
• core activities for the operation of organizations,
• sports activities,
• multi-year funding, and
• individuals or for-profit organizations.

Please note: We will not consider funding requests if reports onany previous grants are overdue.