General Funding Guidelines

As a community foundation, the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust (CBT) provides funding:

  1. to conduct and support research, education and programs which advance conservation and the understanding of natural processes in the marine and terrestrial ecosystems in the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Region; and
  2. to conduct and support research, education and programs in the local communities and First Nations within the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Region that promote the health of individuals and communities.

If you have a project idea and are seeking financial support, this page is for you.

The Clayoquot Biosphere Trust is a federally-registered charity. This status comes with stringent guidelines as to how we can distribute funds to organizations and communities. The Canada Revenue Agency determines the types of organizations – known as “qualified donees” – that can receive funding from a federally-registered charity.

To be eligible, an organization must be one of the following:
• a registered charity (not sure? Check the CRA listings here),
• a municipality in Canada,
• a First Nation recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as a public body performing a function of government (“qualified donee”),
• an educational institution, and
• the government of Canada or British Columbia.

The complete information is available on Canada Revenue Agency’s website.

The CBT is not able to provide funding to ineligible groups via a flow-through arrangement with qualified donees.

If you have a project that you believe meets the mandate of the CBT and are not an eligible organization, please contact the office to discuss your project.

Applicant criteria:
• grants are available only to qualified donees that are up-to-date on their CBT reporting requirements; that is applicants who do not have overdue reports;
• each qualified donee shall be limited to a maximum of three funded projects at any one time, only one of which may be over $5,000. The Executive Director can provide exceptions on a case-by-case basis for communities that have a limited number of qualified donees.

The CBT will not fund:
• applications which strictly request funding for capital purchases such as computers, office furniture, and lumber (that is, there is no project, program or research proposed);
• on-going operations;
• sports activities;
• fundraisers and fundraising expenses; 
• individuals (see grants for individuals) or for-profit organizations.

The CBT will fund:
• projects, programs, or research that meet the criteria below;

  • project supplies and equipment up to a maximum of 25% of the CBT funded portion of the project budget (with the exception of community gardens and interpretive signage projects – please speak to staff);
    • plans, strategies, and analyses that lead to more informed and organized future action.

Applications are evaluated using the following criteria:
• locally-based proponents, activities and community engagement;
• matching resources (preference for 50% cash and/or in-kind contributions);
• respect for local protocols;
• development of local capacity;
• response to an identified need;
• committee specific criteria and/or funding priorities as detailed in the application; and
• supporting the spirit and intent of the UNESCO Biosphere designation.

Advisory Committees

The CBT benefits greatly from the volunteer commitment of more than 60 advisory committee members. These dedicated people provide direction on our funding programs and activities. The four committees are: Youth and Education, Research and Environment, Arts and Culture, and Community Development.

Do you have a question about the CBT’s funding guidelines?                                                            

Contact the CBT by phone (250-725-2219), email (, or stop by our office (316 Main Street, Tofino).