Types of Funds

Allison Tremain and LinocutThe CBT offers a number of different endowment fund options that let you choose your level of involvement when it comes to making grants.

Choose from:

  1. Donor Advised Fund

This is our most flexible fund offering, and the most popular way to give through the CBT – both during your lifetime and beyond. You can make grants to registered Canadian charities that you would like to support, or leave the decisions to our volunteer committees who will evaluate projects on your behalf, ensuring your granting dollars will have the most impact.

As a Donor Advised Fund is a lasting legacy that will continue to support the community for generations, planning for the fund’s future is an important consideration. You can appoint a trusted friend or family member as your Successor Fund Advisor, or ask the CBT to carry out your wishes in perpetuity.

  1. Designated or Field of Interest Fund

These funds allows you to name a charity or a field of interest that you wish to support in perpetuity through annual grants. This is ideal if you know the cause you want to support and can direct the CBT to carry out your wishes in perpetuity.

  1. Charitable Organization Endowment Fund

This type of fund is set up by a registered charity. The charity decides how the funds will be used and the timing of the distribution payments. Anyone can make a donation to a charity’s endowment fund.

  1. Legacy Fund

A Legacy Fund with the CBT is an excellent way to support your favorite charities and help future generations. It provides flexibility for your estate planning and allows you to shape a future gift during your lifetime. You can establish a Legacy Fund with a $1,000 gift today. Your donation will be invested in your named permanent endowment fund. The remaining balance of $9,000 or more will come later through your estate, or if you like, through additional gifts during your lifetime. When your Legacy Fund reaches $10,000, you can start granting to the community.

We work with you to create a “Letter of Wishes”, setting out which charities and causes you wish to support. With this documentation in place, your will can simply provide for a gift to the CBT, to be added to your Legacy Fund, without further details.

If you have questions about establishing a fund that is right for you, please contact our Executive Director, Rebecca Hurwitz at 250-725-2219 or rebecca@clayoquotbiosphere.org.