2018 Neighbourhood Small Grants Announced!

The fourth year of Neighbourhood Small Grants on the west coast has been a huge success, with a record number of projects funded, more diversity of project ideas, and more communities involved than ever before! In partnership with the Vancouver Foundation and the Westcoast Community Resource Society, 30 projects were funded, up from 23 last year. Congrats to the program leaders and keep an eye out for the following events happening near you!

Family Fun Night (Halloween) Complete!
Halloween themed family gathering with snacks and pumpkin carving
Philomena Duncan and Janey Thomas
Ahousaht, October 2018

Pumpkins in the Mist Complete! 
Halloween theme walk in the woods (Wild Pacific Trail)
Katherine Loiselle and Jenna Hopkins
Ucluelet, October 2018

Halloween house
Epic Halloween house on Bay St. for all of the Ucluelet community to come and enjoy
Mandy Oye and Tara Wood
Ucluelet, October 2018

Let the Ghoul Times Roll BBQ Pit Stop
Halloween BBQ on the street for Trick or Treaters and their parents
Sam Fyleris and Naomi Bruce
Tofino, October 2018

Health Oriented Medicinal Plants
Building a community greenhouse focused on health-related plants and traditional medicines
Ruth Charleson and Betty Lucas
Hesquiaht, November 2018

Providing for Community
Young men will go hunting and return to the community to share a feast with community members
Patrick Charleson III and Patrick Charleson Jr.
Hesquiaht, November 2018

Opitsaht Community Smokehouse
Salvaging and hand-milling wood to build and donate community smokehouse on Opitsaht reserve
Raymond Victor Brune and Sherann Nicole Findlay
Opitsaht, November 2018

Tluusma – Young Woman
Regalia creation workshop, focusing on engaging young women in culture and community
Darlene Dick and Ileisha George
Ahousaht, November 2018

Heshook Ish Tsawalk Women’s Group
Sharing, healing, learning meetings at the Hot Springs Cove health centre for local women
Betty Lucas and Ruth Charleson
Hesquiaht, November 2018

Weaving Group
Workshop and teach basket weaving and cedar weaving to community members
Delores Bayne and Vince Ambrose
Hesquiaht, November 2018

Chama Pii – Balancing
Bring together the ladies of our community for storytelling and writing workshops focused on balance
Nora Martin and Sandra Williams
Tla-o-qui-aht, November 2018

Rollerskate Dance Workshops and Disco Skate Party
Rollerskate dance instruction followed by a roller disco with a DJ at Seaplane Recreation Hall
Lyvier Rivera and Rebecca Hurwitz
Ucluelet, November 2018

Tonquin Park Villa Community Compost
Building an animal-proof composting system for the 36 units at Tonquin Park Villa
Simon Allison and Warren Rudd
Tofino, November 2018

Lovers, Lunatics & Poets — stage soiree & table read
Bringing together theatre and culture lovers for a “table read” of Tofino’s new history play
Greg Blanchette and Eileen Floody
Tofino, November 2018

Toquaht ladies craft evenings
Evening get-togethers for ladies of all ages to get creative and crafty
Lisa Morgan and Anne Mack
Toquaht, November 2018

Jensen’s Bay School Bus Shelter Workbee Party
Building a much-needed rain shelter for the students of Jensen’s Bay
Tom Stere and Nick Killins
Tofino, November 2018

Language and Cedar Weaving Nights
Practice speaking Ahousaht language and learn to weave cedar in community
John Webster and Janet Webster
Ahousaht, November 2018

Self care in Opitsaht
Bring Opitsaht residents together for community activities focusing on health and happiness
Margaret Thomas and Amanda Tom
Tla-o-qui-aht, November 2018

Slow Down Sign Painting Party
Bringing neighbours together to paint signs to remind drivers to be safe and respectful
Amorita Adair and Tanya Berger-Richards
Tofino, November 2018

Christmas Dinner at Ty Histanis
Gathering community to share a positive feast together around the holidays
Annie George and Elizabeth George
Tla-o-qui-aht, December 2018

Community Gathering Dinner at Hot Springs Cove
Bringing together community for a healthy and happy gathering after a tough summer
Marilyn Lucas and Heather Campbell
Hesquiaht, December 2018

Light up the Dark
Festive lights and community wishing tree in Ocean Park subdivision
Lora McNeil and Sheila Orchiston
Tofino, December 2018

Traditional Foods Supper
Take youth hunting and harvesting to provide a feast and cultural support for the community
Dwayne Martin and Chris Seitcher
Tla-o-qui-aht, January 2019

Youth Food Security and Culture
Bring youth into traditional Ahousaht territory to hunt traditionally and distribute food in community
Charles Thomas and Francis Campbell
Ahousaht, January 2019

Tli Chu Immersion Potlatch
Feast for community where only Nuu-chah-nulth is spoken
Levi Martin and Tsimka Martin
Tla-o-qui-aht, February (new moon) 2019

Mom Surf Club
Open group of mom-surfers of mixed abilities who practice and support each other
Faye Missar and Ashley Williamson
Ucluelet, February-May 2019

BatBiTats at Habitat
Building bat houses to support at-risk bat populations in Clayoquot Sound
Trevor Jurgens and Kaytlyn Durocher
Ucluelet, March 2019

Ucluelet Broom Cleanup
Community removal of Scotch Broom, an invasive plant that quickly chokes out native species
Rebecca Hurwitz and Liisa Neilson
Ucluelet, March 2019

Neighbourhood Bees
Installation of bee hives to pollinate local Food Forest with education on bee-keeping and food security
Leah Austin and Jennifer Smallwood
Tofino, April 2019

Beading and Loom work and around a glass bottle
Teaching youth how to do beading, loomwork, and crafting ideally at the Tofino Saturday Market
Elizabeth George and Annie George
Tla-o-qui-aht, May 2019