My summer with the CBT

My summer work experience with Clayoquot Biosphere Trust has been truly rewarding and I am thankful for every opportunity. I have had the chance to work with incredible people and participate in stimulating multidisciplinary research and monitoring projects. I spent time working in the office at my standing desk, sitting at regional meetings with important stakeholders, navigating the ocean inlets and passages, walking through the rainforest, and kneeling on the intertidal zone helping scientists gather data to inform coastal restoration management plans. For a student in Environmental Geography, this is what we call living the dream!

Here is a list of a few ongoing projects that I had the chance to be a part of:

-Sydney Inlet Soundscape Project

-Clayoquot Salmon Roundtable

-Human-wildlife interactions meetings with Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

-Seawater sampling with Raincoast Education Society and Cedar Coast Field Station

-Amphibian surveys with the Association of Wetland Stewards for Clayoquot and Barkley Sounds

Sustainability in the Biosphere university field course taught by Dr. Laura Loucks, Clayoquot Biosphere Trust’s amazing Research Coordinator and adjunct professor at Royal Roads University

-Promoting the Clayoquot Sound Wild Salmon Fund

A morning on the water, sampling plankton and monitoring seawater properties for oceanography research

Laura, CBT Research Coordinator and I blinded by the sun after the installation of solar panels at our remote research cabin

Just another sunny day at the office preparing our inflatable boat that will save us from the rising and falling tides as we reach our remote research cabin









Mathieu St-Laurent-Addison

Summer Research Assistant with Clayoquot Biosphere Trust