Newly created Tofino Chapter of the West Coast Fishing Guide Association donates to the Clayoquot Sound Wild Salmon Fund, prioritizing wild salmon restoration and recovery.

The Tofino Chapter of the West Coast Fishing Guide Association is proud to

announce its recent inception. In late March 2017, Tofino charter fishing guides

finalized the formation of a Tofino chapter of the West Coast Fishing Guides

Association (WCFGA). The WCFGA is a professional organization representing the

interests of sport fishing guides on Vancouver Island. The organization focuses on a

variety of objectives. These objectives include: achieving a heightened level of

professionalism and safety on the water, adhering to strict ethics of conservation

and stewardship, and encouraging a high degree of knowledge, dialogue and

education amongst members. In addition, the Association focuses on engaging and

participating in various fisheries management consultative processes such as the

Sport Fishing Advisory Board (SFAB), International Pacific Halibut Commission

(IPHC), and the Clayoquot Salmon Roundtable.

The restoration and recovery of Clayoquot Sound wild salmon stocks is a major

priority of the Tofino Chapter of the WCFGA. Member guides commend and support

all local enhancement, research and restoration efforts relating to this goal. In order

to support this continued effort, Tofino WCFGA member guides have donated over

$7000 in seed funding to the recently developed Clayoquot Sound Wild Salmon

Fund. The fund priorities are directed by the Clayoquot Salmon Roundtable, which

brings together sport, aboriginal and commercial fishing, environment, stewardship,

enhancement, aquaculture, forestry, processing, local government, Parks, Fisheries

and Oceans Canada, and other interests in a consensus based, co-management forum. Saya Masso, co-chair of the Roundtable said, 

 “Sport fishing guides have taken

Photo by Jeremy Koreski

Photo by Jeremy Koreskia proactive role in supporting the sustainability of the fishery resource. Even before

the formation of the Tofino WCFGA and the Clayoquot Sound Wild Salmon Fund,

many local guides were donating funds to support local enhancement efforts.”

The Clayoquot Biosphere Trust (CBT) will provide financial administration of the fund.

“As a community foundation, the CBT will manage the endowment fund and direct

the income towards prioritized projects. It’s exciting to see the WCFGA working with all of the stakeholders to take

action. As guides, they are both stewards and spokespeople for the salmon

ecosystem.” said Rebecca Hurwitz, CBT Executive Director.

Additional donations to the fund can be made

at wild-salmon- fund/. Tofino

WCFGA member guides strongly support the spirit of the endowment fund and hope

that their donation contributes positively to future generations of both salmon and

West coasters.