Who We Are

Twenty years ago, Clayoquot Sound was at a crossroads.

Residents were looking for ways to be more sustainable while continuing the traditional economic activities of the region, such as logging and fishing. We came together to find solutions towards a better future for our ecosystem and our communities.

In January 2000, Clayoquot Sound was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This recognition celebrates the unique ecosystems of Clayoquot Sound and the people who work so hard to encourage a respectful and sustainable relationship with our environment.

Through education, research and celebration, we are providing the tools necessary to build a better future for Clayoquot Sound.

This website explore the history of the UNESCO Biosphere designation, the unique ecosystems of Clayoquot Sound, and our communities. You can also learn about the work we do, from supporting scientific research to convening regional working groups on topics that matter to local communities. Explore our site, and if you still can’t find what you are looking for, please contact staff.