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2017 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
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2016 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
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2015 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
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2014 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
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2013 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
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2012 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
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2011 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
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2010 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
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2009 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
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For meeting minutes from previous years, please contact the office.

Other CBT Documents

Living Wage Report 2017

This Report is an update of the 2015 Living Wage Report.

Living Wage Report 2015

The Living Wage Report reflects the real costs of living for the residents of our eight communities. It helps us understand and inform strategies and policies that influence affordability and the vitality of our region.

Community Organization Directory – June 2015

The purpose of the Directory is to provide a comprehensive database of all of the community groups and non-profit organizations within the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Region. This booklet provides our communities with useful information about local organizations in one easy-to-use Directory.

About the CBT

Rooted in resistance and embracing hybridity: Clayoquot Biosphere Reserve’s virtuous circles of community action and environmental stewardship

An overview of the CBT’s backstory and the social impact investment model that we follow today, written for the Global Fund for Community Foundations blog.

CBT Case Study – Global Fund for Community Foundations

This case study, published by Global Fund for Community Foundations, is one in an occasional series highlighting community foundations that have been formed with substantial revenue from corporate or government investors to explore how communities harness these assets for the greatest collective good. Data for this study was compiled through interviews with Tammy Dorward, Board Co-Chair, Rebecca Hurwitz, Executive Director, and Laura Loucks, Research Coordinator, and review of the CBT’s website and publications

Thinking Big: Community Philanthropy and Management of Large-Scale Assets

This is a research paper written for The Foundation Review, in which CBT is examined as a means to heal painful divisions, rejuvenate the economy, and honour the ecological, cultural and spiritual importance of the area we work in.