What we've learned after our first week of working remotely

As we get used to this new reality of connecting remotely with our teams, friends, and family, it can be tricky to find the best video-conferencing options and the right rhythms and routines to use the technology effectively. As our team settles into our second week of adapting to a remote office, here are some things we’ve learned that you might find useful. 

Keeping the team vibe strong and our home offices comfy

  • We established a daily 10:00 a.m. "check-in" where team members catch up over a video call if they're available (this is a time and place to share everything from project and office-related work to just sharing our we're feeling)
  • We're taking home our monitors, office chairs, and everything we need in order to have a comfortable and functional work environment

Practising good video conferencing etiquette

Regardless of the platform you use:

  • Wearing headphones and using a microphone (most modern earbuds have a mic built in!) will always improve the audio quality for both you and the others on your call
  • Muting your microphone when you’re not talking is a best practice that should always be followed.
  • If the connection is bad you can turn off your video, but seeing each other’s faces brings a little more joy and a deeper sense of human connection – so we encourage video chatting!

Using a video conferencing platform that works for you

There are so many options out there! It's important to go with an option that works for the attendees and works with your team's budget.

1) Google Meet: You can schedule a free video conference easily from within Google Calendar – just create a calendar event and then in the “location” field, choose “add conferencing” and it will automatically generate a video conference link. This works best if meeting attendees already use Gmail/Google Calendar, but the conference can still be joined by those on other platforms, like Outlook. This is the option that our team has been using so far and we have been pleased with the ease of use!

2) Facebook Messenger: Facebook has great video-conferencing abilities, and most of us are already on the messenger platform! Depending on the audience or group you want to meet with (for example, friends or community members), messenger is a great option. All you have to do is tap or click the little video camera icon in the top right corner of your messenger chat and it will start a video call with everyone in the chat

3) Zoom: Zoom is one of the leading options for a more professional, high quality paid option. For teams able to allocate some budget to video-conferencing, this can be a good way to go. Paid plans start at about $20/CAD per host (A host can organize and schedule a meeting; the number of hosts is also equivalent to the number of concurrent meetings you can have). Non-profits can also access discounts for Zoom – message us if you want to know how!

4)GoToMeeting: GoToMeeting offers similarly high quality to Zoom, starting at $16.25 USD per host per month. They have a free option but calls must be under 40 minutes and 3 people or less. We’ve been invited to participate in meetings hosted on GoToMeeting by partners who subscribe to their software and both the user interface and audio-video quality have been awesome!

Holiday Giving Catalogue raises over $42K for regional charities

January 13, 2021
Over the month of December, the CBT worked alongside 20 local charities to raise funds for our most critical needs. Donors answered the call to stand together to strengthen our communities and ecosystems and together we raised $42,675. These gifts of all sizes will have a collective impact in a region that means so much to us all.

Emergency Community Support Fund Round 2

December 14, 2020
As the social and economic implications of the pandemic continue, community-serving non-profits are struggling to keep up with the increased need for responsive services and programming while facing significantly lower revenues than typical years. The CBT is proud to announce 5 diverse community projects receiving $30K in funding from Round 2 of the Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) from the Government of Canada, via the CBT. In total, $70K has been granted from the ECSF. Check out the list of organizations and projects who have received funding here!

Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants: a show of west coast community resilience

August 19, 2020
We’ve wrapped up our COVID-19 Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants (R-NSG) and couldn’t be more proud of our west coast communities! The 4 months since we launched the program have been a wild and unpredictable ride, but west coasters have come together to support each other— while maintaining physical distancing— in many inspiring and innovative ways.

CBT collaborates on a new SDG Guidebook

August 13, 2020
This week, Community Foundations of Canada launched a Guidebook and Toolkit to help Canada's 191 Community Foundations—and all the communities they support—find bolder, creative and innovative ways to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. CBT research director, Laura Loucks, helped author a case study on p. 29 about our organization's dual role as a community foundation and UNESCO Biosphere Region.

We've met our Giving Catalogue fundraising goal

July 2, 2020
On Giving Tuesday Now (May 5th) CBT launched the Community COVID-19 Response Giving Catalogue, a place where west coast registered charities and not-for-profits share current and emerging needs with people who want to help. We are excited to announce that we have met our $30,000 for local organizations!

Red dresses in the office window

June 30, 2020
If you walk by the CBT office at 316 Main Street later this week, you may notice the red dresses hanging in the front window. The simple and elegant dresses are adorned with black silhouetted feathers and bring awareness to the staggering amount of missing or murdered Indigenous women and girls (MMIWG) across Canada, but especially those from our community.

2019 Neighbourhood Small Grants Announced

October 29, 2019
We're so grateful for all the amazing community members who are taking on a Neighbourhood Small Grant project this year This blog post includes a list of all the funded projects, the organizers, the approximate dates, and a summary of the project in the organizers' words. Make sure to check out what events are happening in your neighbourhood!