A Living Wage for healthy communities

The CBT has launched the first Living Wage report for the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve region. We are proud to bring this unique tool to communities to inform conversations on affordability, health, and quality of life in the region.  We will be presenting the report across the region over the next month. Subscribe to our Facebook or Twitter feed for ongoing info and highlights.

View our Living Wage in a Page below (download pdf)
or read the Full Report – A Living Wage (download pdf)

More about the Living Wage

Why a regional Living Wage?
A discussion of why it was important for the CBT to take a regional perspective.
A Living Wage, what about single parent families?
The CBT reports on the Living Wage and family structure

The Living Wage  is an important piece of the CBT’s Vital Signs research program. Learn more…

Download (CBT-A-Living-Wage-for-the-Clayoquot-Region-2015.pdf)