Today for tomorrow

A donation to the CBT makes meaningful and lasting impacts in areas that are important to you. From arts and culture to research, from education to the environment, donors and funders come to us to help simplify and enhance their charitable giving in the region. We have a growing community of generous, thoughtful people who want to make connections, learn, and amplify their impact through philanthropy.

You can support the CBT through our online donation page. Your gift will be processed through our secure site and you will receive a tax-receipt directly via email.

Donations can also be made to the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust Society at PO Box 67, Tofino BC, V0R 2Z0.

At the CBT, we use endowment funds to bring together people and resources, creating local solutions that make global contributions. Here's how it works:

A founding contribution from the Government of Canada has supported CBT programs and grants since our beginning in 2000. We are grateful for their investment in our region through the gift of the Canada Fund, a $12-million endowment.

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The CBT’s audited financial statements are available here