Culture Neighbourhood Small Grants Recipeints

Title: Get Wove: an intergenerational seagrass weaving project
Leaders: pawa haiyupis and Anna Atleo
Date: June 2019
Description: Monitor, prepare and harvest seagrass from ahousaht hahoulthee; to weave a replicate mat that pawa’s Grandmother Daisy made circa 1973. The goal is to collectively remember the cultural practice of our ancestors. It is our teaching that learning comes with the responsibility to share the knowledge and teachings with others.
Location: Places where the seagrasses were collected in the 1900s across Ahousaht hahoulthee

Title: Aboriginal Day Celebration
Leaders: Kayla-Anne Frank and Wesley Frank
Date: June 21
Description: The Aboriginal Day Celebration includes live musical performances, traditional games and a feast at Tofino Botanical Gardens, partnered with Darwin’s Café. The event is in support of the gardens, Nuu-Chah-Nulth language revitalization and Pancreatic Cancer Awareness. The event will be from 12:00pm-8: 00 pm and will feature Chloé Gravel, live musician; Tarah Buchanan, guest bartender; Pat and Randy Morgan, lead cultural singer; Andrea Fergusson, featured artist & silent auction facilitator. Seafood will be provided by Elmer Frank whose vessel is Ocean Wise Certified and registered with Taaqwiihak Fisheries. Kayla-Anne Frank is the event coordinator and primary food operator.
Location: Tofino Botanical Gardens

Title: Aboriginal Day Celebration in Hot Springs
Leaders: Charles  Lucas and Preston Campbell
Date: June 21
Description: Host a community feast on Aboriginal Day in Hotsprings cove to bring community members together to share cultural foods and Celebrate Aboriginal Day
Location: BBQ outside Community Hall

Title: Healing Journey
Leaders:  Roberta Adams and Samuel Adams
Date: July 5
Description: We along with 35 community members will be taking part in Tribal Journeys. This is a healing journey for our community and we will be travelling together to Lummi. Preparations for the journey become part of the Journey and we will work together as a community to fix and paint the canoe and gather gifts and supplies. We will prep the canoe, paint the canoe, harvest cedar bark and make paddles.
Location: Ahousaht- the canoe is by the dock and we will harvest cedar in the Traditional territories

Title: Red Dress Project
Leaders: Carol Frank
Date: July 2019
Description: Create cultural dresses and shawls for Missing and Murdered Women & Girls from our Tla-o-qui-aht Community. Build awareness on the MMW not only from our community but across Canada. Bring Women and young girls together to work on dresses, shawls and designs. This is a way of supporting families of Missing or Murdered Women/Girls from our community. Men and young men can be involved also, doing designs for dresses and shawls.
Location: Ty Histanis Health Centre

Title: Cultural Carving Club
Leaders: Norman Louie Frank and Celina Frank
Date: July 2019
Description: Teach youth old ways of living- carving and trading like we use to. Over two weeks youth will come and learn carving and knowledge from elders and local artists. Youth will share carvings at community feast and gift following protocol.
Location: Ahousaht Holistic Centre

Title: Harvesting Cedar-processing project
Leaders: Lisa Sabbas and Ruth Charelson
Date: August 1
Description: Will offer to bring community members out to harvest cedar in the traditional process and learn the proper way to harvest. Make it an all day event and provide snacks and boat transport. Barlett Island and back roads behind hot springs
Location: Barlett island and back roads behind hot springs

Title: Smokehouse knowledge sharing
Leaders: Patrick Samuel Charleson Jr and Heather Charelson
Date: August 1
Description: Teach the young people of the community how to traditionally prepare fish and process it in a local smoke house. Smokehouse needs some repair so also share knowledge on construction of smoke house
Location: In the community if Hot Springs at the smoke house and in the community kitchen

Title: Cedar Designs
Leaders: Nora Martin and Corrine Ortiz Castro
Date: August
Description: Provide materials for craft making including beading, purses, and Tla-o-quiaht designs on regalia to be used in ceremonies and cultural events. Get together weekly for a month and provide supplies and snacks for cultural crafting.
Location: Ty Histanis Health Centre and Naachuks House on Monk’s Point

Title: Warriors with wings and pizza
Leaders: Hayden Seitcher and Daniel  Williams
Date: TBD
Description: The warriors are an informal group of young men gathering to learn cultural skills to help our community and build capacity in youth. I want to invite elders and knowledge keepers to get together with the youth for a dinner of wings and pizza to share stories and skills with the younger generation.
Location: On the beach, most likely Long Beach

Title: Territory Tour
Leaders: Melody Charlie and Bernice Touchie
Date: August
Description: Bring youth out to the land, teach them traditional place names and history.  Yuuthluithaht has been culturally disconnected it feels like so much longer than our protected isolated communities, so as a mother raising men it’s my responsibility to learn and teach them their territories.  Inviting neighbourhood children out to come and learn along with us.
Location: Yuuthluithaht

Title: Introduction to Cultural and Healing Herb
Leaders: Ruth Charleson and Lisa Sabbas
Date: September
Description: Gather community together at the Health Centre and have hand outs and information on the uses of the different herbs. Harvest and process together the herbs grown in the Green House supported by a previous NSG, share knowledge on how traditional herbs and medicines were harvested and prepared.
Location: At the Health Center in Hot Springs

Title: WunderKraut
Leaders: Erika Goldt and Samantha Sturgeon
Date: October
Description: Our workshop will be pre-homemade krauts for everyone to snack on, and everyone will prepare their own jar to take home.  Erika is a first generation Canadian with her family coming from Hamburg, Germany to Canada in the 1950s. She grew up attending German-Canadian School and mostly ate German food growing up, especially because her Oma ran the German food booth at the local fairgrounds. She learned to cook from her Oma – and of course, that meant Sauerkraut on most everything!
Location: Tofino Community Centre Kitchen