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Vital Signs is a biennial report by the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust that brings together social, cultural, economic, and environmental information to tell a story about the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve region and measure the vitality of our communities. The CBT is committed to a long-term monitoring program for the region and  our communities.  The information in Vital Signs tells the story of regional health through regular reporting and will help us:

  • increase public awareness and inform residents for better decision-making
  • identify regional priorities for local governments
  • identify areas of success and achievement, information gaps and research priorities

The CBT aims to produce a Vital Signs report every two years.
Vital Signs 2016
A Living Wage 2015
Vital Signs 2014
Vital Signs 2012
About the National Vital Signs Program

Vital Signs 2016

The CBT is currently underway with Vital Signs 2016!
Launch date is October 4th 2016.

A Living Wage 2015

The CBT has launched the first ever Living Wage for the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve region. The Living Wage will be an important part of the Vital Signs program, as it reflects the real cost of living for residents of our eight communities, and will be a unique tool to inform conversations on affordability, health, and quality of life in the region.
View ‘Living Wage in a Page’ online for a look at the facts
Download: Living Wage 2015: One Pager
Download: Living Wage 2015: Full Report

Learn more about the campaign for a living wage:

Vital Signs 2014

Our current issue of Vital Signs was issued in October 2014, along with 27 other community foundations across Canada.
Download: Vital Signs 2014

Youth are a core priority of the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust, so in 2014, we asked a group of local youth to interpret Vital Signs through their eyes.
Here’s what they came up with:

Vital Signs 2012

The CBT joined 13 other community foundations across Canada as we released our inagural report
Download: Vital Signs 2012

About the National Vital Signs Program.

Vital Signs is nation-wide initiative of the Community Foundations of Canada. You can find the reports of other community foundations on the Vital Signs website and be sure to check out special interest reports from the national Vital Signs program on Canada’s youth, #GenerationFlux and food security, Fertile Ground.

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