Generosity, solidarity and community

We've been listening to local charities and non-profits. Many are on the frontlines serving critical needs and have seen an increased demand for their services. Others have had to cancel events or halt programs entirely due to the impacts of COVID-19 and social distancing. As the local community foundation, the CBT is working to bridge these gaps because we have an unwavering commitment to the strength and vitality of our region.

Visit our Giving Catalogue to browse the most critical needs of our region in response to COVID-19. Donors can make a contribution to one or more organizations via our online donation page. The CBT will cover all administrative costs and credit card transaction fees so that 100% of the donations will be directed towards critical needs. Donations to non-charities may be made directly through the links provided. 

We're in this together and small efforts can make a huge impact in our communities. Gifts of any size can make a difference.

Visit the Community Response Giving Catalogue

The Community Response Giving Catalogue is a place for local registered charities and not-for-profits to share current and emerging needs with people who want to help.