Coastal Family Resource Coalition

The Coastal Family Resource Coalition (CFRC) is a regional network coordinated and administered by the CBT and guided by the CFRC Executive Committee. an ad-hoc committee of the CBT.

The CFRC is a multi-interdisciplinary network of health and social service providers that develops capacity to address the needs of children, youth, families, and communities within the region, and to improve communications between service providers, agencies, communities, and funders.

The CFRC’s overall goal is to advocate for and advance health promotion efforts in the region. Monthly meetings are held from September until June in alternating communities to provide an opportunity to network, share resources, identify health priorities, and reduce service delivery duplication. CFRC’s goal is to improve the overall health in our communities.

The Coalition serves all west coast communities and contributes to building strong and united cultures. It helps the CBT achieve its mission by facilitating the local sharing and exchange of knowledge and experience that promotes social and cultural sustainable development.