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The CBT offers a number of different community fund options that let you choose your level of involvement when it comes to making grants.

Legacy Fund
A Legacy Fund with the CBT is an excellent way to support your favourite charities and help future generations. It provides flexibility for your estate planning and allows you to shape a future gift during your lifetime.

You can establish a Legacy Fund with a $1,000 gift today. Your donation will be invested in your named permanent endowment fund. The remaining balance of $9,000 or more will come later through your estate, or if you like, through additional gifts during your lifetime. When your Legacy Fund reaches $10,000, you can start granting to the community.

We work with you to create a “Letter of Wishes”, setting out which charities and causes you wish to support. With this documentation in place, your will can simply provide for a gift to the CBT, to be added to your Legacy Fund, without further details.

The minimum initial donation to establish a legacy fund is $1,000.