CBT Grants

Our funding - from small to large - promotes the health of individuals, communities and ecosystems throughout the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Region. Each granting stream is supported by its own Advisory Committee comprised of local volunteers with interest and expertise relevant to the specific grant. Advisory Committees review proposals and make funding recommendations to the CBT Board of Directors.

Vital Grants
Vital Grants support projects addressing regional priorities and complex challenges that influence sustainability in the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Region by helping to achieve the UN SDGs. These grants of up to $20,000 aim to support meaningful longer-term collaboration between organizations, communities, and cultures.

2024 Funding Process
Recognizing that full application and partnership development takes time and resources, Vital Grants uses a two-stage application process with an initial shorter Letter of Interest (LOI) followed by a full application for a smaller group of applicants. Those with successful LOIs will be invited to submit a full application and receive $500 to support application development costs. The LOI will be reviewed by staff for fit with our general funding guidelines and with Vital Grants funding focuses. The full applications will be reviewed by a committee of diverse members from different communities with a range of knowledge and experience using this matrix. Their funding recommendations will be approved by the CBT board. Vital Grants will also pilot multi-year funding for one project this year.

Funding Timeline

Applications are now closed for 2024 and will be reopening in 2025. Sign up for our newsletter to receive timely updates about our grants, including when they open for applications.

2024 Funding Focus

  • Support teams with well-developed timelines of activities and budgets that reflect their demonstrated knowledge of what is needed to have a positive impact on a regional priority or complex sustainability challenge.
  • Support the capacity of an existing or expanding project team to grow a project to new communities, schools or geographic areas within the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Region to have a positive impact on a regional priority or complex sustainability challenge.