Announcing the fall 2023 Culture Neighbourhood Small Grants!

Spring 2024 Youth/Green Neighbourhood Small Grants

We are excited to share this list of grass-roots community projects that received Culture Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG) this past fall cycle. This has been our most successful cycle to date, with a total of 33 projects in the region, 15 projects for the Clayoquot Sound NGS and 18 for the Ahousaht NSG!

As usual, we want to extend our thanks to the West Coast Community Resources Society, our community partner, for creating the cheques for community members. NSG makes empowering, accessible opportunities for residents from all demographics to make their communities more inclusive, and vibrant places to live. Check out the projects below from the Clayoquot Sound NSG program and don’t hesitate to reach out to if you want to connect to a project leader and participate.

2023 Fall Culture NSG Projects (Clayoquot Sound)


Make Your Own Ornaments – Elizabeth George, Ty-Histanis

The participants will have the opportunity to make an ornament and then cut out and bead the ornament. This project will help lift community spirit and teach beading.

Christmas Decorations – Michelle George, Ty-Histanis

This project will invite community members to make their own decorations for their Christmas tree. Participants will learn how to make crocheted Santas and gnomes.

Dance Regalia - Annie George, Ty-Histanis

The goal of this project is to help community members make shawls so they can attend community and cultural events with pride.

Creating a Youth Space - Karemarena Frank, Ty-Histanis

As youth workers in our community, we were given a space to bring youth together and to create a safe and fun place to learn, hang out, and socialize with other youth in the community. It's a new space so we are starting with a clean slate. We would like to purchase more activities for the space to keep youth busy, such as games, a foosball table, art supplies, snacks, and materials for the programs we run.

Martin Family Reunion Tree – Dwayne Martin, Opitsaht

This project will consist of a family gathering and the creation of the Martin family tree. This project will be ongoing and will be an opportunity for the family (50-100 members) to gather and learn about their heritage.

Hitacu Dinner and Crafts - Daphne Peter, Hitacu

The goal of my project is to build connections back in our community. The trauma caused by residential schools has made connections hard and affected community members in different ways. I want to host a fun evening with food and crafts. I would like to invite Elders and provide honoraria for skill-sharing opportunities like cedar weaving and beading.

Harvest – Billy George, Hitacu

The vision of my project is to teach community and family members how to harvest clams. We will leave from Tofino and distribute the clams in Hitacu. I am from Ahousaht so I will gather the clams from my traditional territory, but I currently live in Hitacu. We will share the clams with Elders first and then with other community members. I will share the opportunity for members to come harvest (room for 3 or 4 on the boat). We hope to harvest enough clams to share with 10-20 families. This is how our communities used to run by sharing harvests and the cost of fuel. However, basically everything has made it hard to live our traditional values, but this small grant helps.

Beading with Marie – Marie Frank-Atleo, Ty-Histanis

I will be inviting family to make traditional gifts for people to have for cultural events. I come from a family of Chiefs, so we always need to have gifts on hand to give away. I will teach family to bead bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and lanyards.

Ucluelet Free Little Art Gallery – Carly Butler, Ucluelet

The Ucluelet Free Little Art Gallery is like a free library but for free art. With a similar small wooden structure and glass door as a free library, the free gallery is a space to share artwork with the community. The gallery will sit in my front yard on Bay Street and be accessible from the road to passersby. I have one year-long art project that will be in the gallery and then it will be open to other community art projects.

This first art project is with Iranian/Canadian artist Gita Hashemi who edited a book about the poet Rumi, 'Rumi Roaming' that includes essays by myself and local nuučaan̓uł (Nuu-chah-nulth) artist Hjalmer Wenstob (publication date end of 2024). We will have a series of postcards in the Free Little Art Gallery with text about and by Rumi in Farsi, English, and nuučaan̓uł that will also include a self-guided walking tour. There will also be a link to a website created by Gita for viewing her series of 4 videos about Rumi that follow the 4 seasons.

The Middle Eastern community in our region is small, but also fairly invisible. Most people in my neighbourhood would not know that I have Iranian heritage, and though I don't speak the language, I'm interested in making a small offering in Farsi to those in the community who do. The nuučaan̓uł component and walking tour will be about how land, language, identity, and translation are inherently complicated and intertwined.

Free Little Art Galleries (FLAG) are part of a worldwide network:

Dance Aprons for Students - Gerald Frank-Perry, Tofino

This project will help to instill a sense of pride in all the youth that come to the Wickaninnish Community School, we plan to make dance skirts for all the female dancers at the school. Last year all of the previous skirts were stolen from events, and since the school has been left with none. This project is to help not only the First Nations students, but all students at the school show off what they have learned. Many of the students have been sad that they haven't had "full regalia" for events, so this will be our chance to give them full regalia to use.

Bring Youth Together – Neleeta Frank, Ty-Histanis

We have a building that was dedicated as a youth centre that we have to open. We would like to bring youth together to socialize in a healthy way. There will be youth of all ages to keep them busy and gather in a healthy environment to discourage experimenting with alcohol and drugs.

Inclusive Washroom Sign Making – Janessa Dornstauder, Ucluelet

Gendered washroom signs can perpetuate harmful stereotypes by reinforcing notions of binary gender norms, potentially excluding individuals who do not identify within the traditional male-female spectrum. Such signs can contribute to an environment that fosters discrimination and prejudice against those who do not conform to societal expectations of gender.

Coastal Queers has a goal of switching out all gendered washroom signs in the region within the next two years. I was inspired to support this goal during a recent "Queer Safe" training facilitated by Coastal Queers. Access to inclusive washroom signage is a barrier for local businesses and organizations in creating safe spaces. We've heard from those looking for appropriate signage that the options are limited and challenging to purchase on the west coast.

This project will support one inclusive washroom sign-making event hosted in the community. It will be targeted at business owners who are interested in creating inclusive signs for their washrooms. Community members can also participate in this fun meet-up and create a stock of signs. This surplus will be useful for Coastal Queers as they continue to engage with businesses in creating safe washroom spaces in the region.

Caroling on the West Coast - Courtney Johnson, Ucluelet & Tofino

Everyone loves music, and children singing Christmas carols can warm everyone’s hearts. I feel we can pick a few places to perform some songs, and perhaps even sing on the radio!

Dance Skirts for Students - Grace George, Tofino

This project is being put together by the cultural team at Wickaninnish Community School. The plan is to put together dancing skirts for the female students at the school. Over the last few years, the skirts the school once had were stolen. This project not only brings those skirts back but also instills pride in all the students who will wear them. The culture team's goal is for every student to have a full set of regalia for school events.

Bringing our families together - Margaret Thomas, Opitsaht

This project will consist of a Christmas arts and crafts night with drinks and snacks or potentially a potluck before crafting.

Our Team's Experience at EuroMAB 2024

June 11, 2024
n early June 2024, two members of the CBT team, Colin Robinson and Janessa Dornstauder had the opportunity to attend EuroMAB 2024 in the Elbe River Landscape, Germany – a UNESCO Biosphere. Because there are so few countries in North America, Canada, and the USA participate in the European network, while Mexico participates in the Latin network. Read more about their experience! 

Marcie Callewaert Reflects on her Leadership Journey

May 6, 2024
“Participating in LVI gave me back my leadership confidence that I had lost somewhere along the way. It was a great reminder of what I am capable of and provided me with tools to strengthen my skills as I move forward in new roles. Because of LVI, I took chances that I never would have taken just a few years ago and they paid off! I am so thankful for the community of support that LVI creates during the program and in the months and years afterwards."

Share the Fare: Elevating Sustainability for the Biosphere Centre

May 2, 2024
Harbour Air, renowned as the Pacific's premier seaplane airline, has recently forged a partnership that aims to redefine the skies. Collaborating with the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust (CBT), Harbour Air's mission goes beyond flight; it's about flying with purpose, with its new support for the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Centre.

Harbour Air Expands Share the Fare Program to Include the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust

April 10, 2024
arbour Air, North America’s largest seaplane airline, announced today its partnership with the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust (CBT) as part of its Share the Fare program. This collaboration underscores Harbour Air’s commitment to supporting coastal communities in British Columbia and advancing sustainable initiatives.

Join us for our Annual Biosphere Region BioBlitz!

April 2, 2024
On Saturday, April 20th, participate from anywhere within the biosphere region to celebrate the upcoming Earth Day! It’s an excellent opportunity to step outdoors and learn about the amazing biodiversity in the area.

Pani's Journey : From receiving CBT's Education Award to Pursuing Medicine at UBC

March 8, 2024
Pani Ayoubizadeh from Ucluelet received the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Education award in 2022 and is currently studying science at the University of British Columbia to become a cardiac surgeon. She has recently gotten in touch to share an update on her academic journey as well as her personal growth since receiving the award.

Grant Writing Workshop

January 26, 2024
Join this half-day workshop hosted in partnership with the West Coast N.E.S.T. (CBT's regional education tourism initiative) to learn effective grant writing and fundraising strategies.

Good News for the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Centre Project!

January 17, 2024
In a remarkable display of commitment to community and environmental stewardship, the Wickaninnish Inn has pledged an astounding $150,000 over the course of five years to support the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Centre. In a generous gesture, they have already contributed $40,000 as their inaugural installment.

Holiday Giving Unites Communities

December 4, 2023
As the holiday season draws near, the timeless tradition of holiday giving beckons, transcending cultures and religions, and embodying the spirit of generosity and compassion. In the heart of this global tradition lies an opportunity to make a positive impact on local organizations that sustain our region to help advance their mission far beyond the holiday season.

Truth, Honour & the Way Forward

November 20, 2023
In partnership with Ucluelet Secondary School (USS), the Legacy of Hope Foundation, and Canadian Heritage, the CBT hosted an exhibit to honor the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Take a look at the video to learn more about the event.

CBT's Youth Intern, Reflects on her Beach Cleanup Experience

August 28, 2023
This summer, CBT's Youth Intern, Janessa, has been supporting us in a wide range of projects across the organization and also participated in initiatives hosted by other local non-profits. One of our goals was to offer her the opportunity to experience diverse types of work as well as acquire skills and knowledge in many different fields. Learn about her time with Surfrider Pacific Rim where she helped remove debris from a local beach.

Join our team as Administrative Assistant

August 18, 2023
PLEASE NOTE: Applications are now closed for this position.  The Administrative Assistant will support the CBT across all program areas. The successful candidate will coordinate the day-to-day administration and operations of the CBT office, creating a welcoming space, updating administrative practices, and maintaining records. They will work closely with the Executive Director to support the Board of Directors, as well as work closely with the Finance Coordinator to assist with bookkeeping processes. The Administrative Assistant will work across the CBT to support our programs and events.